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Tips on choosing a computer training venue

Here are some things that you need to consider when choosing a venue for your training:

1. Technical Support –

This is what we consider to be one of the most important aspects when it comes to hiring a computer training room, because lack of this when there is a problem will ruin the entire session. Ensure there is always a technical support person available on-site to support the classroom/presentation systems and networks during any event.

2. Accessibility –

Is the venue rather easy to get to? Is it easily accessible by public transport? Is it near a train or tube station?

3. Cost –

Are you being charged for items you do not need because the price is all inclusive? Why pay for a projector or internet if you do not need it? Remember nothing is free even the water has been built into the price of the room…so forget all those gimmick of free coffee, tea etc.

4. Flexibility –

How flexible is the training centre? What is the cancellation term? Are you allowed to reschedule your booking instead of losing your money if you have no delegates to attend your scheduled course?

5. Fit for purpose –

You have all heard the saying “don’t buy a professional camera for an amateur photo”. Does the venue match the expected delegates? Is the venue quiet enough? Conducting a training session on the high street is a no brainer!

6. Catering –

This is very important as the food must be good to enhance the whole training experience. Can you get hot lunch or good quality sandwiches?

7. Reception –

Are your delegates received when they arrive? Are the staff friendly and welcoming or do they look like people that wished they never turned up to work?

8. Car Parking –

Make sure the venue has parking especially for disabled people.

9. Show round –

If possible, go and visit the venue to ensure it matches your expectation.

10. Fresh air –

This may sound unusual but having a park or grounds next to your venue where delegates can walk around also contributes to an uplifting training session.